Chasing the British Butterflies - Part 2

2011 Hitlist - Species, subspecies and forms


These are the four species missing from our Butterfly Blitz attempt: 

Real's Wood White - IRELAND (A life tick for both of us. Neither of us has been to Ireland before)

Clouded Yellow - SOUTHERN ENGLAND (not a new species for either of us, but we missed it in 2010)

White-letter Hairstreak - ENGLAND (A life tick for Sam. Seth saw this species in 2010)

Mountain Ringlet - CUMBRIA and SCOTLAND (A life tick for both of us. Missed, missed, missed - curses!)


These are the ten Irish subspecies we'll be targeting this year:

Dingy Skipper baynesi

Wood White juvernica

Brimstone gravesi

Green-veined White britannica

Orange-tip hibernica

Small Copper hibernica

Common Blue mariscolore

Grayling clarensis

Grayling hibernica

Meadow Brown iernes


These are the subspecies we missed in 2010's Butterfly Blitz attempt:

Speckled Wood oblita - NE SCOTLAND (despite searching good looking habitat, oblita somehow eluded us)

Scotch Argus caledonia - SOUTHERN SCOTLAND (not a sniff, were we simply too late?)

Meadow Brown cassiteridum - ISLES OF SCILLY (not a lifer for either of us but missed during 2010 Blitz)

Small Heath rhoumensis - endemic to Rhum, SCOTLAND (we got off at the wrong bloody island!!!!!!!)

Large Heath polydama - SCOTLAND, WALES and N.ENGLAND for Seth only (Sam saw this subspecies in 2010)


We'll also be targeting these two forms (both of uncertain validity): 

Marsh Fritillary f.scotica - SCOTLAND

Marsh Fritillary f.hibernica - IRELAND


We also need to spend an awful lot of time trying to secure half-decent images of the undersides and uppersides of both sexes of most species/subspecies. In 2010 we managed images of all species/subspecies/forms encountered with the exception of Large Heath polydama (although we managed pics of scotica and davus). The Swallowtail and Purple Emperor shots are so poor as to be very almost unidentifiable! Many other images are unsatisfactory. Seth is to buy a compact digital camera for point-and-shoot style pics whilst Sam will continue to improve with the large camera.

2011 will be the Year of the Camera!   


**********STOP PRESS**********

It soon became clear that these daring plans were doomed to failure. Sam began a new job where it proved almost impossible to swap either shifts or days off with other team members and Seth suffered a series of financial issues. Both of the Ireland trips have been cancelled for 2011. The midsummer Scottish trip to Rhum has been missed. Sam managed a trip to Scilly in July but, for once, Seth couldn't get the time off. We are (moderately) hopeful of a last minute trip to Scotland for Mountain Ringlet scotica in the third week of July, else it will have to be our main mission in 2012. Failing that, it will be an August trip for Scotch Argus caledonia and the elusive Speckled Wood oblita!